Vintage Harlequin Romance Book Cover Art
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Vintage Book Cover Art

How’s this for a simple project? Grab a bunch of old books, tear off the covers, arrange under a frameless frame and you have colorful vintage book cover art!

I’ve had this pile of books in my basement for years and I certainly was not going to read them. I had collected them because I loved their graphic book covers.

Steps were pretty simple. I just tore off the covers, arranged them in a pattern that was pleasing, taped them down onto the backing of the frameless frame using painter’s tape (in case I change my mind later), popped the clear frame on top and that was all!

I admit, I lucked out that the size of the frame and covers matched up perfectly so I didn’t even have to cut or trim.

This was a frame which I had in my basement, but you can find one similar here:

Vintage Harlequin Romance Book Cover Art

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