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Upcycle Your Old Jewelry

If you’ve ever made jewelry, you know how expensive a “quick” trip to Michaels can be! You go in with the intention of looking for “just a few things” for your project and before you know it, you’re at the cash with a basket-load of blingy goodies, scrolling through your phone for a coupon to reduce your $68 purchase!

Go Treasure Hunting

If you are like most, you have a box or drawer full of costume jewelry that you once loved but don’t wear anymore. Maybe it’s broken, maybe you don’t like it, or maybe it’s just gawd awful ugly!

Why not remake your jewelry? Think about it, you might already have the makings for half a dozen new earrings, a cute little anklet for the beach, or maybe a stunning new statement necklace.  Really, your only limit is your imagination and what you have on hand.


  • Jewelry you no longer wear
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Nail polish or craft paints

Get Crafty

Using your needle nose pliers, take apart the pieces that you will reuse: beads, earrings hooks, fasteners, elastic, rings, chains, etc.   You can use the nail polish or paint to repaint beads the colors to match your special outfit or maybe just add a few cute gold polkadots on your black beads might do the trick!

Lay everything out on a towel and get designing.   When you are satisfied with your look, start reassembling using the needle-nose pliers.

Now grab a mirror and admire your work! You’ve just made a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece, saved a trip to Michaels and/or the jewelry store, reused items that may have gone to a landfill, aaaaand you did not spend a cent!

By the way, I love your bracelet.  Where did you get it?


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