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DIY: Spray Painted Ceiling Medallion Mirror

I love shiny bright things.   The DIY Spray Painted Ceiling Medallion Mirror fits the bill!

Hubby is a carpenter and every now and then he will bring home some pretty neat finds from his demolitions.   He knows the way to this girl’s heart. Never mind chocolate and flowers, bring me some architectural salvage!

DIY mirror

Ceiling Medallion to Mirror

This fiberglass ceiling medallion was stored in my garage for years.  I knew that I loved the texture, shape and design but I just did not know what I wanted to do with it until I made the connection with a gold round mirror I saw for over $100!

In my excitement, I did not take a before picture, but I’m pretty sure you know what these typically look like.  Why not check out your local Habitat For Humanity ReStore to see if they have any stock? If not, you could always buy one at the hardware store.

ceiling medallion
image from Pinterest

These ceiling medallions really are quite beautiful. I love the ropes, carvings, and intricate designs.

Materials to Make Your Mirror

  • Fiberglass or plastic ceiling medallion
  • Gold spray paint
  • Mirror large enough to cover the hole
  • If you would like to enlarge the hole:  
    • Serrated knife  
    • File or sandpaper
  • Thumb tacks or nails (if using a fiberglass medallion).   If using a plastic one, you can secure using super adhesive glue just make sure that your mirror is not too heavy
  • Picture hanging wire and screws.


  • If you would like to enlarge your hole, cut following along the circle edge using the serrated knife cut a hold in the medallion. 
  • Sand edges
  • Spray paint
  • Add picture hanging wire
  • Lay mirror on the back and secure the edges with nails or thumb tacks. 
diy mirror

Pretty simplee eh? Now you have a gorgeous one of a kind mirror!

Hang er up and enjoy!

diy mirror

DIY ceiling medallion mirror

Ceiling medallions are not just the icing on your chandelier! Look at these other super ideas.

ceiling medallion
Image from Pinterest
ceiling medallion

Like this DIY mirror? You can follow me for more ideas on Pinterest to see all the fantastic things I’m pinning every day.  Here: https://www.pinterest.ca/reuseitqueen/

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