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DIY: Pottery Barn Knock Off Art – Upcycled Magazines

Magazines.  We all have them.  You probably have a stack on your side table right now!  Yes, you can toss them into your recycling bin but have you ever thought about using them to create your own art?   

Pottery Barn Teen

The inspiration for this project came from a Pottery Barn Teen print that was selling online for $79.  Can you believe that?  

Magazines are full of high-quality colors, images, patterns and fonts. I’m going to show you the basis to creating beautiful wall art for free!

In this case, I am creating a special piece for a teen girl’s room but you can change it up to create art for any room in your home.

Magazine collage art


  • Magazines
  • Canvas.  You can buy one new but why not use an old canvas picture you don’t like anymore or buy a second hand one? 
  • Primer paint or Gesso
  • Wide paintbrush or sponge brush
  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Craft paint(s) in the color(s) of your choice.
  • Watered-down white craft glue or Mod Podge


  • Using primer paint or Gesso, paint your canvas.  Let it dry a couple of hours.
  • While you’re waiting for your paint to dry, think of a theme for your design.  This could be colors, words, fashion, animals, etc.  I chose words that defined my daughter.  I looked through the magazines and cut out words that caught my eye. I was lucky and even found her name 3 times!! Can you find it?
  • Using craft paint, paint your canvas the base colour of your choice and let it dry.
  • This next step is optional if you’d like stripes.   Lay down your painter’s tape in a stripe pattern.   I used an extra piece as a guide for placing the next stripe.  Paint your stripes using a contrasting colour and let it dry.
  • To make a heart shape collage, you can draw a heart free-hand in pencil directly on the canvas but I chose to create a template by simply making a paper heart, laying it on the canvas and tracing around it.  
  • Paint the heart the colour you would want to see poking through the magazine pieces.  In painted my heart black.   Let this dry.
  • Lay the magazine cut-outs into the heart and arrange them until you are happy with the design.
  • Working a little bit at a time, glue your magazine pieces down using the watered-down glue or Mod Podge.
  • Continue until you have completed your design.
  • You can leave it like this but I chose to put a full layer of Mod Podge on the whole canvas to make it shiny.

Now isn’t this cute? It’s personal, on trend and best of all – low cost and in my case free!

I guarantee you’ll never look at a magazine the same way again!


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