no sew outdoor cushion cover
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No Sew Outdoor Cushion Covers

Today, I’m going to show you a super easy, no sew way to cover your faded and tired outdoor cushion covers.

no sew outdoor cushion cover

Shower Curtain or Tablecloth?

I’ve had the same patio cushions for over 6 years.  Yes, they are a little faded and holey but they do the job.  I wanted to brighten them up and thought that a shower curtain or outdoor tablecloth might do the trick.  I’ve sewn outdoor cushion covers using a shower curtain in the past and this worked perfectly but sewing was not an option this time around as my machine needs a tune-up.

Yellow Paint Fail

My heart was really set on yellow but I was not able to find anything remotely to my liking in the stores.   I even resorted to trying to paint the cushions with leftover yellow paint! Well, that didn’t turn out so well!

painted outdoor cushion fail

I’m pretty sure this would have worked if I had used a paint better designed for this but, of course, I used what I had on hand.  

Here are some links if you would like to try your hand at painting your cushions! These people got better results than me! Play Dates to Parties Paper and Fox

Outdoor Fabric and No Sew Velcro

I gave up on the shower curtain idea and finally found this fun orange outdoor fabric on clearance at Fabricland for $5/metre. One meter was enough for me to do both a seat and back cushion.

Next, I needed a way to close the edges.  I initially thought of using fabric adhesive to glue Velcro in place but then I found Peel and Stick No Sew Velcro!   In all my years loitering at the fabric store, I had never seen this stuff!

Making a No Sew Outdoor Cushion Cover

Wrapping your seat cushions is sort of like wrapping a present.

  • Lay your fabric down on a hard surface print side down.
  • Lay your cushion on top of the fabric, leaving enough fabric on one side do double over.
  • Cut the fabric, adding about two inches all around
  • For clean edges, fold and iron all edges in about ¼ inch .  You might have to turn your fabric over and iron the edges again so they stay down
  • Lay your fabric down again and put the cushion on it
  • Start wrapping it like a present
  • Peel and stick the Velcro pieces so they match up and create a closure
  • Use smaller pieces of Velcro do stick the corners
  • Secure the two ends with more Velcro
  • Flip it over and admire!
No sew outdoor cushion cover

Voila, you have a refreshed outdoor cushion without breaking out the sewing machine!

no sew outdoor cushion covers

Bonus: This method would also work for covering a bench cushion.

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