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Kitchen Stool Makeover

Change is good. Take this kitchen stool, for instance. It started off as a dull black garage stool and then moved up to farmhouse-style status with some paint and a trendy no. 2. To be honest, everytime I looked at it, I thought of number 2 (potty mouth #2). It was time for another change so I glammed it up to a Pottery Barn-inspired upholstered linen seat and walnut legs. Really, it’s only a drop cloth and a bit of paint and stain!


The supplies for this project were:

  • white chalk paint
  • dark stain (I used dark walnut and ebony)
  • a piece of painter’s drop cloth
  • quilt batting or foam
  • heavy duty stapler and staples
  • upholstery tacks
  • paintbrush and rags
  • marker or pen
  • hammer

First up, I painted the legs white and when dry, I went over them with some stain. I did two coats, one of each color. Because this stool has metal legs, it took longer for the stain to dry – about a day for the stickiness to go away.

Then, I layed the stool down on the the quilt batting and traced and cut the seat size.

Using the batting as a guide, I cut a piece of dropcloth for the seat, adding about 2 inches all around.

Laying the batting on the seat and then the drop cloth fabric, I stapled the fabric underneath the seat. It’s not a pretty sight but it is secure!

Then I measured out the diameter of the seat and figured out the distance I wanted the upholstery tacks to go on. Using a maker, I made dots around the seat to mark out where the tacks should go.

Then I just hammered in the upholstery tacks.

This project cost me 7 dollars for the upholstery tacks and 11 dollars for the dropcloth (of which I have a lot leftover for more fun projects). Pretty budget-friendly I say compared to the Pottery Barn version.

I actually love the way the legs turned out. I think it looks like a bentwood stool.

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