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DIY Craft Show Logo Business Sign

Let’s say you have an upcoming craft show. You have your inventory, you have your cash, but do you have a Business Sign to advertise your goods? I’m going to show you how you can easily paint your own craft show logo business sign by repainting a painting. Yes, you got that right! Bonus: No stencils or fancy software involved!

Gotta love those old tacky framed paintings at the junk shop and garage sales! You may not like the painting or even the frame, but don’t walk on by!  Have you ever thought of upcycling a painting by repainting the frame and background? You can make your own craft show logo business sign!

Make Your Own Business Sign

Recently, my oldest daughter asked ME to make her a sign for her new venture of selling vintage and retro clothing online and at the flea market.  What a better fit for her far-out flea market booth than a DIY logo business sign repainted from an unwanted painting!

Craft Show Business Sign

Create Your Own Logo 

There are many options for this.   Namely, freehand if you are a talented artist (which I am not).   If you are like me, you want gratifying results so I typically find or create my own designs on the computer and then print them to use as a template.  

You can find many royalty-free images online (I can talk for hours about this but I will save that for another post.   My favorite is The Graphics Fairy. 

If you want to create a hand lettered look, you can do so easily on your computer using Word.  There are step-by-step instructions on my post here on how you can create lettering on your computer and then transfer to an item for painting.

In this case, my daughter created her own logo using the Canva software.   Canva is an amazing website where you can create FREE designs for print and the web.   It is one of my all time favorites. Check them out!  I’ve been using the free option for years!

Steps to Preparing Your Logo for Printing from Canva

Once you have created your logo on Canva:

  • Download your design as a PNG  
  • To adjust the size of the image:  Open MS Paint on your computer.  
  • Once Paint is open, click file, open, and locate your design.  Your design will open.
  • Now you will resize it.   Click Resize. You will have the option to resize the canvas to either Percentage or Pixels.   Chose Pixels. 1 inch is equal to 96 pixels.  
  • Calculate the horizontal and vertical pixel size based on the measurement of your canvas.   Mine was 10 inches horizontal x 18 inches vertical. So, 10 x 96 = 960 pixels horizontal and 18 x 96 = 1728 vertical.   I Googled “convert inches to pixels” to calculate this.
  • Enter your pixel sizes in the box 
  • Click file
  • Hover over Print
  • Click Page Preview
  • Print the design.   It will basically print out like a poster.  Mine printed out on 6 sheets of paper.
  • Match up all the section and tape them together.  Now you have your Logo ready to paint.  


  • Old painting with frame
  • Primer or Gesso (I prefer a flat latex)
  • Paint for your canvas background color ( I use latex flat or craft paint)
  • Paint(s) in your desired design color (s)   
  • Paint in your desired frame color 
  • Roller for painting background
  • Paint brushes for painting frame and design
  • Nail remover or flat head screwdriver
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Soft Rag (old t-shirt)
  • Carbon paper or chalk in a color that will contrast slightly with your background paint
  • Pen for tracing
  • Printed or hand drawn design.  


  • First, remove the backing from the painting.  Sometimes these old paintings have a brown paper backing
  • Next, carefully remove any staples, tacks or nails that might be holding the painting in.
  • Put your frame aside
  • Lightly sand the canvas, removing any residue with a soft rag
  • Paint the canvas with two coats of primer or Gesso, letting it dry between coats.
  • While this is drying, paint your frame.
  • Next, paint the canvas the background color 

Transfer Logo Design to Canvas

  • Place carbon paper (you want to use a color that will match the color of your paint) on the canvas – If you don’t have carbon paper, rub chalk on the back of your design
  • Place your logo design on top of canvas face up and secure everything with tape so it doesn’t shift around
  • Trace your design using a pen and pressing down firmly
  • Lift up the papers and you are left with a template
  • Paint your design and let dry
  • If you want, you can spray with a sealer. 
  • Now, reassemble the canvas to the frame, securing the back with tacks or nails so the canvas does not fall out
  • Attach new hangers if desired. 

There you have it folks, a pretty groovy business sign if I don’t say so myself.

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