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Confessions of an Overthinking Shopper

Do you ever overthink your purchases? I have a confession that I am an overthinking shopper.

I sometimes go shopping on my lunch hour.   I love popping into Homesense or Marshalls once or twice a week just to see what’s new.   I especially have a thing for home decor and linens.

Puffy Pillows and Flamingos

Perfectly puffy pillows in the latest patterns and colors are just the thing I need to refresh my sofa.

The cute flamingo melamine dishes remind that I should probably upgrade my free-with-purchase juice glasses.

cynthia rowley

I Found the Sheets

In the Linens’ Department,  I painstakingly file through the pillow cases, double sized duvet covers, dust covers and European Shams (huh what’s that?).   What was I looking for anyway?

Oh yeah.. Queen sized sheets in the perfect shade of navy blue – not nan’s sweater blue, not Walmart vest blue – but THE Perfect Nautical Navy Blue that will bring my bedroom decor up to Urban Hand-Me-Down Level and meet the criteria for my paint color palette of the week.

navy blue paint palette

I walk around the store with this sheet set tucked under my arm like Aunt Mildred protecting her pocket book.   Here we go. I’m up at the cash, eager to make my purchase and then it happens out of nowhere. Suddenly, I hear it,

Do you really need this?  

What’s wrong with the 3 sets of blue sheets you already have?  

These new ones will fade when you wash them anyway.   

No, I have not been diagnosed and no, my mother was not shopping with me.

Surely, I can’t be the only person on earth who has a hard time buying anything new.  I do sometimes feel like an odd creature though when I flip through magazines, watch HGTV, or even scroll through my Instagram feed.  

Well, like everything in my life, I tend to overanalyze the problem.   So here it goes.

My Confession

Why do I feel so guilty buying anything new?  There are many reasons.

Firstly, I imagine children in a far off land forced to make this product.   By buying this product I question whether I am contributing to their inhumane working conditions or perhaps offering a person a means to make a living?

I imagine that this product has travelled thousands of miles across the seas where it is then transported to a central shipping warehouse.   I then imagine the product being loaded onto a Mack truck and travelling down the highway, to where it finally gets unloaded at the store.


Perhaps I should add a touch of OCD to my diagnosis.

Drop it Like it’s Hot

I then get out of line and drop the sheets back where I found them.    Out the store I go empty-handed again. I am a bit annoyed at myself for not buying THE PERFECT NAVY sheets but I’m also okay having a mismatched bedroom ensemble and making do with what I have for now.

I will buy the sheets when I need them.

Do you ever experience buyer’s guilt? How do you manage it?

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