Hi there!  I’m Michele and I’m thrilled that you’re here!  

I’ve always been a make-do and crafty person.   One of my favorite childhood memories was receiving bags of clothing hand-me-downs and dreaming up ways to refashion them!  I said I was crafty, not popular!

My motto is Start Where You Are, Use What You Have, and Do What You Can.

When things seem impossible, this motto has always guided me, especially Use What You Have.   A lot of times, I see items that I love but no budget. That’s when I get excited and creative! 


Back in 2005, I started an E-Bay account where I sold my vintage finds and creations made from chenille bedspread (you know, the kind that your grandmother used to have!).

I started this blog to share my passion for upcycling, refashioning, and refurbishing.

My hope is to inspire you to dive into your own resourcefulness and creativity to create beautiful items, reduce waste and save some money along the way!

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear from you.