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5 Ways to Build Resilience in Your Creative Business

How do you handle complaints in your creative business? Today, I am going to share 5 strategies that I have used to build resilience in my creative business.

As a creative business owner, you put yourself out there every single day – every sale, every client meeting, and every craft show. When you write a post for your Facebook page and snap a picture for your Instagram feed, you expose yourself. Every time someone wants to know more about what you do, you gulp and explain your passion. You invest hours, days and even weeks on perfecting techniques and your product to your high standards. Your love for what you do shines through and your reviews show it. You put your blood, sweat and tears into every item you make and wouldn’t have it any other way. You are meant to do this.

Your First Complaint

You are trucking along and feeling pretty darn good about what you’ve accomplished so far and then — it happens — Your.First.Complaint. You read it once, read it twice, think to yourself I must have misread — how could this be? I tried so hard!

This is what happened to me. After selling over 100 signs and receiving 5 star reviews and referrals, I received one complaint. What did I do? I stopped painting. For one whole year. Yep, one whole year. I thought I’m not good enough. What’s wrong with my product? I questioned every aspect of my being. Ok, I think you get the picture. In retrospect, I think this was the best thing to happen to me and my handmade business.

Building Resilience

I had planned out every aspect of my small creative business except for this one very important step — building resilience –– AKA tough skin.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly when things don’t go as planned. Nobody likes to think things might go wrong but with a little planning and accepting the inevitable ahead of time, you are on the right track to running a successful creative business. Think of it as a tool in your toolbelt. Pull it out when you need it. You will be happy you have it!

Strategies for Building Resilience

Here are 5 key strategies I’ve used to help me build resilience in my creative business. I hope that one or two of these ideas are helpful to you 🙂

How do you handle complaints in your creative business?

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